“People Living Longer but Not Healthier Lives.” By David Pittman, MedPage Today

Americans are living longer thanks to advances in medical care, but have a lower quality of life with the proliferation of chronic disease and preventable illness. While deaths from cancer and cardiovascular causes continue to drop, more people are living with diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. A report from the United Health Foundation, “America’s Health Rankings,” pools data from the Centers for Disease Control, American Medical Association, Census Bureau, and the Dartmouth Atlas Project. For the sixth year in a row, Vermont was deemed the nation’s healthiest state. Mississippi and Louisiana tied for last. Other findings include:

  • 26.2% of the entire population doesn’t exercise
  • 36% of adults don’t exercise
  • 21% still smoke tobacco
  • 1,000 people take up smoking every day
  • By 2030, half the country will be obese and treating obesity-related disease will increase by $66 billion per year
  • The number of children living in poverty is up 35% from a decade ago

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