“Predictors of newly diagnosed cancer patients’ understanding of the goals of their care at initiation of chemotherapy.” By Inga T. Lennes, Jennifer S. Temel, Christen Hoedt, Ashley Meilleur, Elizabeth B. Lamont, Cancer

The American Society of Clinical Oncology Quality Oncology Practice Initiative endorses in their core measures that providers should discuss the goals of care (GOC) at the time of chemotherapy consent. GOC refers to chemotherapy treatment intent: cure versus noncure. In this study, the authors sought to determine whether attributes of patients and initial patient-physician encounters were associated with patients’ understanding of their GOC. Patient misunderstanding of GOC was substantial, with 25% of cancer patients misunderstanding the goal of their chemotherapy treatment. Key predictors of GOC misunderstanding included factors that potentially were amenable to interventions at the time of chemotherapy consent.

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