Spotlight: Breast Cancer Fund

The Breast Cancer Fund is an evidence-based organization that actively works to expose and eliminate environmental causes of breast cancer. Well known for collecting, analyzing, and translating the growing body of scientific evidence that links breast cancer and environmental exposures, the group develops public education and advocacy campaigns aimed at reducing breast cancer risk. In shifting the conversation from awareness to PREVENTION, the goal is to stop cancer before it starts.

What we love about Breast Cancer Fund is its commitment to the science of cancer prevention. Every statement and promotion from this organization is backed with solid references previously published as the report, State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment edited by Janet Gray, Ph.D. This seminal report continually reviews the body of research about the timing of toxic exposures, low-dose exposures at environmentally significant levels, real-life mixtures of exposures; and the complexity of interactions between environmental and other risk factors for breast cancer. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences lists the Breast Cancer Fund’s State of the Evidence report as a key resource on the topic.

RethinkThePinkThis year, Breast Cancer Fund’s #RethinkThePink campaign is certainly one we can rally around. While there are many things outside of our individual control when it comes to carcinogenic exposures, there are things we can do.

We can think about the foods we eat and the products we buy with an eye toward reducing exposure to chemical linked to cancer. Breast Cancer Fund has clear evidence-based tips on how to do this.

And we can join Breast Cancer Fund’s strategic policy initiatives to get those chemicals out of our foods and products in the first place.

In 2012, Breast Cancer Fund celebrated its 20th anniversary and created the video below to recount its history and achievements.



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