“When The TODAY Show Told This Metastatic Breast Cancer Warrior She Wasn’t Bald Enough.” By Jennifer Campisano, Women You Should Know.

How could the media continue to trivialize and “pink-ify” our disease, while pushing those of us who will die from it to the sidelines?

It started with an article about Joan Lunden, who is “battling” triple negative breast cancer and opted to appear bald on the cover of People magazine. At the end of the article, it said: “We’re kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Oct. 1 on the TODAY plaza — and Joan wants you to join! If you have undergone treatment that resulted in hair loss, please join us for what we hope will be an empowering moment for women. On a whim, I followed up on that article. I hoped they might be willing to bring some awareness to the fact that people in treatment don’t always lose their hair, don’t necessarily look sick, and aren’t always able to move past cancer. I received an email saying that they were only looking for women who could be “bald and bold” to join on their Plaza. There were several of us women with Stage 4 who received the same response letting us know we weren’t welcome because we weren’t bald.”

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