What Angelina Jolie forgot to mention

“What Angelina Jolie forgot to mention.” By H. Gilbert Welch, CNN.com.

I checked my e-mail messages — they all seemed to be about Angelina Jolie’s op-ed.  I found it to be a moving story and understood her choice. As the day wore on, the story dominated the news. I didn’t fully appreciate how much Ms. Jolie is admired and respected and had neglected to consider just how powerful a celebrity personal anecdote could be. If American women saw themselves in Angelina Jolie — then that would be a problem. Because the logical next question is: Should I get a preventive mastectomy? I realized something was missing in her piece; something that should have been printed in big black letters: NOTE: This story is not relevant to more than 99% of American women. Why? Because more than 99% of women do not have BRCA1 — or BRCA2, for that matter.

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