The Breast Cancer Consortium is an international partnership committed to energizing the scientific and public discourse about breast cancer and to promoting collaborative initiatives among researchers, advocates, health professionals, educators, and others who focus on the system-wide factors that affect breast cancer as an individual experience, a social problem, and a health epidemic.

Our mission is to foster an evidence-based approach that relies on the perspectives of multiple disciplines and constituencies in order to effectively monitor ongoing developments and generate analyses, recommendations, programming, and policy interventions that will promote increased accountability and understanding of systemic factors affecting breast cancer, and effective ways to address them.

Primary Activities

  1. Providing information to the public, the media, opinion leaders, and policymakers;
  2. Developing analyses, exhibits, publications, and multi-media tools about breast cancer;
  3. Sharing research, tools, and capabilities;
  4. Fostering collaboration among organizations, researchers, and advocates and giving voice to the diversity of experiences among those diagnosed with breast cancer;
  5. Conducting new research relative to the purpose of the Consortium;
  6. Facilitating effective actions that promote understanding of the social, cultural, political, and economic factors that impact breast cancer.

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