Current Projects

Breast Cancer Consortium develops analyses, publications, and tools to further our mission. Read about our current projects below.

The Breast Cancer Consortium Papers

Bonnie Spanier and Gayle Sulik, Project Directors

Breast Cancer Consortium is currently researching options for archiving our digital content in a special collections room at a University library. Since its founding in 2012, BCC has been on the forefront of critical thinking about breast cancer as an illness, a social cause, and an industry. Members and contributors have produced a wealth of free content in the form of editorials, scholarly articles, books, media interviews, reviews, community events, and educational materials. We are now at a key juncture. Having theorized, analyzed, reported, and critiqued the most pressing issues in the world of breast cancer, we are ready to archive our materials to increase their accessibility and to support the teaching and research needs of undergraduates, graduates, faculty, staff, and the larger community.

Many of us will continue to work on critical health literacy, evidence-based medicine, and breast cancer in our professional and personal lives. We might even collaborate on new issues that arise. However, we believe that the materials we have produced over the past four years will be of greater service and have a wider reach within a formalized digital archive. We’ll provide updates along the way. In the meantime, the BCC website is searchable. Keep browsing and learning more about breast cancer!

Healthy Doubt

Bonnie Spanier, Author

The information we get about health and medicine may or may not be based on solid evidence. Does this new treatment work better than that old one? Is it safe? For whom? With what long-term effects? The history of breast cancer science and advocacy is a useful lens for examining uncertainties and biases embedded within the biomedical system. This book will offer a series of lessons and “how-to’s” to help readers understand and use evidence-based tools to evaluate health information and make empowered medical choices even in the face of biomedical uncertainty.

Past Projects

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