What have we learned about Metastatic Breast Cancer, Charlie Brown?

“What have we learned about Metastatic Breast Cancer, Charlie Brown?” by Katherine O’Brien, I Hate Breast Cancer Blog.

“I am coming up on my fifth year of living with metastatic breast cancer. I am fortunate–I started with a low volume of bone mets and five years later my disease has remained fairly indolent. Not everyone is so lucky–and believe me, it is only luck. It isn’t like I tried harder or did anything special–I was just “lucky” enough to have a “kind” of breast cancer (ER/PR+; HER2-) and bone-only disease that has been fairly low key. I try not to take this for granted. As I think back to what I knew about breast cancer in 2009, I am embarrassed. I really didn’t know anything.”

Katherine O’Brien knows a lot about metastatic breast cancer now, and she shares it in this detailed informational post.

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