Why we won’t be posting no makeup selfies for cancer awareness

“Why we won’t be posting no makeup selfies for cancer awareness” by two women in Brighton, UK, Don’t Hold Your Tongue blog.

This week hundreds of thousands of women have posted pictures of themselves with no makeup on the internet, to raise awareness of cancer and raise money for cancer charities. So far over £2million has been donated to Cancer Research UK from people taking part in the campaign. Women have been nominating each other publicly on social media, inviting one another to show they care by taking part, and by nominating other women.

We have read some critiques of the campaign,which claim that women are mindlessly following a trend1, that the campaign is pointless unless women donate to charity2, and that the late addition of making donations was an “empty gesture”3. But lots of our friends and family have taken part, and we know that, for many women, its been about addressing something which is very real and very painful. Because that’s what cancer is.

We are not writing this to criticise those who have posted selfies. On the contrary. Instead, we want to ask how we could all harness these feelings to do something that actually, really, might help. Nevertheless, we won’t be posting no makeup selfies to support the cause of cancer. And we want to explain why.

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