“Save the Women, Not the Boobies.” By Lisa Hix, Jezebel

All I had to do was post a link with the headline-“No More ‘Save the Ta-Tas,’ Please”-and before long, a couple of put-upon guys from my Midwestern roots swooped onto my Facebook page to tell me to get grip. They didn’t want to see incorrigible feminist like myself post a sharp critique of boob-centric Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns. I need to stop “whining,” dial it back, and accept that sexism makes the world go around. Guys, seriously. The last thing I need is for you to explain breast cancer to me. On the surface, it does seem churlish to complain about a proven money-making formula, especially when that money could be saving lives. But “focusing on breasts and breasts alone obscures the reality and the faces of the people who are at the center of the fight against breast cancer.”

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