“We really need to talk about breast cancer.” By Sian Claire Owen, iVillage UK

When someone says the words ‘breast cancer’ to you, what do you think of? Is it pink ribbons and fun runs? Do you think that we’re talking about a disease that, thanks to research and early diagnosis, is on the verge of becoming a manageable condition rather than a life-threatening illness?

Sure, progress is being made against breast cancer treatment. But what if there is a wider discussion that we really need to have beyond pink ribbons? Because when it comes to cancer, complacency kills. Sarah Horton lives in Liverpool. She is happily married, has a great career, and up until 2007 life was normal. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she is now in remission, she has endured multiple surgeries, including reconstructive breast surgery and an oophorectomy, not to mention the grueling treatment regimens, depression, and grappling with the big issue of whether she would survive or not. Sarah wrote a book about her experiences called Being Sarah which, amongst other issues raises the question – is the current debate about breast cancer being diverted by the ‘Pink Ribbon’ movement?

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